T T Yarn is ideal for all types of knitted and Woven Fabric.

Our yarn is OEKO-Tex certified and spin knitting as well as weaving Yarn from the best available raw material. The mills are geared for 100% cotton count range Ne 16/1 to 60/1.

All yarns are autoconed, electronically cleared and spliced on latest Schlafhorst Autoconers.

All individual cones are passed through ultra violet rays for detection of shade variations.

T T Limited is a Leading Organic & Recycled Cotton Yarn Manufacturer in India.

Organic Cotton yarn is more and more popular with customers in the modern times due to gradually growing consciousness for natural, green, healthy, environmental protection.

Organic Cotton Yarn that we manufacture is made from truly authentic organic cotton. The yarn that we offer to customers is made on most modern machines/ Our huge success in this field has made us one of the most prominent cotton yarn / Organic Cotton yarn manufacturer in India.

Our Company is certified for Organic Cotton Yarn for GOTS, OE100 and OE Blended. It is also certified for GRS from Control Union. We can supply from 5% to 50% Recycled cotton yarn. Yarn Count : 16’s to 40’s

Count C.V % Guaranteed Less than1.5%
Imperfections To match the highest user standards
Cone Angles 5°57′ / 3°30′ / 4°20′
Yarn Content 1.0 kg to 2.2 kg as desired

Matching high performance Uster standards and ISO 9001 Certified

  • Fibers and Yarns are tested at each stage according to the most authoritative standards – the USTER statistics
  • Our quality matches with the 5% level of User statistics, placing us among the topmost producers in the world.
  • In addition, our products are manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9002.

The Uster Statistics – a universal language of quality

  • T T uses the User statistics as a quality benchmark, and thereby presents the merchandiser with a completely reliable standard, lot after lot.
  • Fibers and Yarns are strictly monitored at every stage. Testing is carried out on the latest testing equipment like H.V.I UT-4 and USTER-CLASSIMAT.
  • Our standard is top quality, a result of intelligent efforts at every stage of sourcing of raw material, production and packing.


  • ISO 9001 approved quality control .
  • OEKO-Tex certified yarn
  • State- of- the art machinery (Average age is 12 months).
  • Minimum Contamination.
    • Team deputed at ginning stations to select best cotton.
    • Using our Ginned Cotton
    • Vision Shield Installed at Blow Room
    • Quantum clearers installed to ensure contamination cleared yarn.
    • Cotton pass through ultra -violet contamination remover.
  • Low Hairiness
    • Conditioning of yarn.
    • Special testing for piling effect.
  • Specially selected cotton
    • Provides better lustre.
    • Effective dye absorption
    • Lesser contamination
  • Quality of yarn not only tested on testing equipments against Uster norms, but the yarn sample of every lot is processed and tested on subsequent processes (Knitting/Dyeing) to ensure best working performance and appearance of fabric.