Misson Vission

TT Group’s philosophy is based on a firm belief in innovation, quality and service. The head of the group, Dr. Rikhab C. Jain, has planned and driven the growth of TT Group into a remarkable and highly successful concern. Mr. Jain’s own visionary ideas have created a large scale yarn manufacturing enterprise, ranking among the top in India. After setting a new bench makers in the garments industry, the group ventured into Mega projects in cotton yarn and raw cotton.

A highly – original and sophisticated approach to ring-spun yarn production and a commitment to invest in latest technology makes TT one of India’s most innovative textile company. People have always been the top priority in Mr. Jain’s vision. His belief in careful personnel selection and training has been an unshakeable foundation of every thing his company has achieved.

Dr. Rikhab C. Jain