Launch of “Made in Bihar” Undergarments

 We are happy to announce that on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri, T.T. Limited proudly launches “Made in Bihar” Undergarments under TT Brand with the blessings of the Bihar Government.
The launch was done by the ACS Mr Sandeep Poundrik of the Industries Department along with TT Ltd MD, Sanjay K Jain. Apart from launching TT Brand production in Bihar, the Made in Bihar tag was also launched – this will allow the local consumer to proudly wear a quality product prepared by vertically integrated TT Group.
This initiative aims to support Bihar’s industrial growth and create job opportunities for local people with a special emphasis on women. The entire process has been completed in 6 months with the entire infrastructure being provided by the Government in the industrial area of Sikandarpur, Patna.
On Women’s Day, T.T. takes a significant step towards empowering women through employment opportunities in Bihar.
This effort plans to leverage the large skilled workforce of Bihar and the 60 years legacy and expertise of TT Group. The Company plans to sell the entire production in Bihar itself and slowly expand to cover the entire hosiery product range.

Sanjay Kumar Jain
Managing Director
T.T. Limited, New Delhi

Place: New Delhi
Date: 13th March, 2024

 TT Brand recognised by ET Edge as one of the Best Brands – 2023

In a glittering ceremony held in Mumbai on December 22nd 2023, TT Brand was recognised by ET Edge & The Times Group as one of the Best Brands. The recognition was received by TT Ltd Managing Director, Sanjay K Jain and TT Brands Director, Hardik Jain (who is the 3rd generation of TT Group and has recently joined after passing out from Melbourne University, Australia) from former Indian Hockey Captain & Padma shri Awardee Shri Dhanraj Pillay.

TT Brand, founded by Dr. Rikhab C Jain in 1964, boasts a rich heritage and a legacy spanning over 60 years. The brand holds registrations in multiple classes in India and has made its mark in more than 60 countries globally. Notably, TT Brand is registered in the International Register of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, maintained by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The Master Franchisee of TT Brand is TT Limited, a vertically integrated textiles company listed on both NSE and BSE. Established in 1978, TT Limited has evolved into a household brand across India, with a presence in towns and cities of all classes.

Accumulating a slew of awards and recognitions over the years, TT Brand has been honored as a Master Brand, received the India’s Small Giant Award, Top 100 SME Award, India’s Promising Brand, and the prestigious Power Brand – Most Desirable 30.

Manufactured in key locations such as Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Punjab, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal, TT Brand adheres to rigorous quality control norms, holding certifications like Oeko Tex, GOTS, BCI, SEDEX, REX, among others.

T.T. Brand has actively supported various sports, including Table Tennis, Chess, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Wrestling, Boxing, and Kabaddi. In addition to its global exports, the brand is available on major Indian e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio, Limeroad, Snapdeal, as well as in organized retail chains such as VMart, Vishal, Reliance, Nyasa, VRetail, Max, and its exclusive TT Bazaar outlets. The brand reaches over 50,000 Multi-Brand Outlets (MBOs) across the country.

Beyond its commercial endeavours, TT Brand has consistently contributed to philanthropic activities, particularly in the realms of medical and education, reflecting its commitment to building a welfare-oriented and happy society. TT Brand is synonymous with trust and confidence for consumers, with its unique onion-shaped logo and raised hand mascot serving as instant identifiers even without the explicit mention of the brand name.

Sanjay Kumar Jain
Managing Director
T.T. Limited, New Delhi

Place: New Delhi
Date: 23RD DECEMBER, 2023


T T Limited has yesterday (23.08.2023) signed an MOU with U.P. Government to participate in PM Mitra Park at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh for establishing Textile Vertical unit.

T T Limited has applied for 15 acres land in the main capital city of Uttar Pradesh and its link to entire Uttar Pradesh by express way.

Shri Sunil Mahnot, Director (Finance) has signed MOU with U. P. Government on 23rd August, 2023.

T.T. Limited will build a large size textile vertical unit from Fibre to Fashion at PM Mitra Park, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

T T Limited has already started building factory at Hosiery Park, Kolkata, West Bengal and this would be completed in a years of time. A unit at Surat to manufacture fabric under upcoming Textile Ministry PLI-2 scheme is also under planning. Company is also planning to set up new Garment factory at Tamil Nadu.

Company is targeting major sell in export market for Garment, Fabric and Reusable Cotton (Spinnable cotton).

Company’s Directors and its Executives are on high speed to implement aforesaid projects and start production as quick as possible.

These projects starts up a new path of growth of T T Limited and for all products of T T Brand.

Sanjay Kumar Jain
Managing Director
T.T. Limited, New Delhi

Place: New Delhi
Date: 24TH AUGUST, 2023


The Company being in Apparel Manufacturing for more than 45 years has prudently changed Apparel production locations from time to time based on relative competitive advantage of the cluster. Gajraula, UP location was primarily setup for spinning in early 1990s, however the company disposed spinning assets and converted the unit into a garmenting centre.

Hence now the Company has proposed to shift to the Noida/Pilkhuva cluster in UP and Greater Kolkata, West Bengal area where skilled labour and other advantages prevail due to existing strong garmenting cluster. The Company has already started working on the new garmenting units proposed, and expects no disruption in its production or sales. In 2024-25, we plan expansion of our Tirupur unit to double up capacity.

Shri Sanjay Jain, Managing Director had also signed an MOU with U.P. Government at the Investment Summit for a large scale textile unit in proposed Garment Cluster under PM Mitra Scheme in Hardoi District of Uttar Pradesh. Once the cluster project comes in existence, T.T. Limited will build a large size textile mill from Fibre to Fashion. A unit at Surat to manufacture fabric under upcoming Textile Ministry PLI-2 scheme is also under planning.

Board Directors of T.T. Limited has also approved a deal to change hand for its textile unit at Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh. Part proceeds would be used to set up two new locations and balance for repayment of debt. It would facilitate improvement in profitability level hugely by substantial cut in debts and interest outflow.

T T Limited restructuring process is expected to be fully completed by March, 2024 with its debt reducing by 74% from pre-COVID levels. Focus on value added branded segment and efficient utilization of infrastructure is expected to show a positive trend despite turbulence in Textile and Apparel Industry due to Ukraine war causing worldwide demand recession and price inflation.

At the same time, Company is re-expanding its yarn, fabric and export business that was impacted by COVID, Ukraine War, Taiwan’s war clouds and unprecedented cotton prices turmoil coupled with high inflation in U.S.A. and Europe. India’s large population and high rate of GDP growth has saved Textile Industry to a great extent and despite global headwinds it has performed relatively better. We hope for sunny days ahead.

Sanjay Kumar Jain
Managing Director
T.T. Limited, New Delhi

Place: New Delhi
Date: 9TH AUGUST, 2023

T.T. Limited to Recover Fast from Textile Industry’s Turbulent Period

The entire Textile Industry all over India and in fact world over has faced probably the worst period in history. Export as well as Domestic demand had dried or zeroed almost all over. As the country got cleared COVID 19 issues, 250% rise in cotton price, rise went uncontrolled, Ukraine – Russia War slowly engulfed directly – indirectly the entire world. Petrol prices, energy and food crisis, recession in USA and Europe, continuous impact of COVID in China, War clouds on Taiwan and many more reasons have damaged the economies.

  • Cotton prices in India suddenly spurted from Rs.36000/- in previous year to  Rs. 65000/- to 70000/candy in March 2022 to an all time high of Rs.110000 in June 2022 and then fell back to approximately Rs.65000 in October. This made Indian cotton most expensive in the world and cotton yarn exports from India came down by more than 50% and first time Vietnam and China yarn was imported by India as against India position as the leading cotton yarn exporter in the world.
  • This all time high volatility lead to huge inventory loss across the textile value chain as before the higher cost could be passed on, the fall started.
  • The extreme volatility, the high inflation across the globe, Ukraine war, China continuous COVID impact has lead to an unprecedented fall in global and domestic demand for textile products. Such a sustained poor demand scenario has not been seen even in 2008-09, 2011-12 and COVID period and has majorly impacted the industry
  • A stagflation situation has arisen where costs have zoomed, but buyer refusing to buy at higher prices leading to fall in production, huge pressure on margins, and contribution to fixed overheads falling.
  • The price unwinding after a 2 year rise in all raw materials post COVID is expected to be completed in next 2-3 months, after which buying volume and margin is expected to normalise and demand should pick up due to higher consumption and pipeline inventory getting built back once confidence returns to market that prices are stable and products are affordable.
  • Q2 irrespective of the unprecedented volatility and inflation, is always the poorest quarter from both demand and margin perspective.
  • In such a state of affairs, T.T. Limited executed best possible to control losses to minimise and has suffered considerable loss of turnover and profits. However losses have now been halted and in Q3 & Q4, T.T. will endeavour to clear the mud collected in Q2.
  • Things have started getting better from October but would take some more time for things to normalise. An excellent Cotton Crop and a good winter with quick stability in prices would go a long way to get back the confidence of the buyers.

Sanjay K. Jain
Managing Director
T T Limited
Date: 02.11.2022

Dear Shareholders/Stockholders, Banking, Finance and Corporate World:

All of you are aware that mankind has never ever faced crisis like CORONA pandemic. It is a grave crisis period and all of us salute to Modi Government, their administration, medical staff, police and paramedical staff, volunteers acting as Corona Warriors.

I take this opportunity to update status of your company, T T Limited, during such crisis period. You would be glad to know that I have personally assured all our employees, workers, staff and ex- employees that if they require any additional help in this crisis period, we would be able to offer them all the possible help till the crisis last. They should remain safe and should not face any crisis because of lack of money in their hand.

We have been successful in making some export out of available stock even during the lock down period. We are contacting our debtors to help us in this period of crisis by remitting to us as much money as they can and as soon as possible so that our financial status remains solid.

We have assured our creditors and we have already started making payments to them and soon we would be able to make most of the pending payments as some foreign payments are in the pipeline as some documents pertaining to inwards foreign remittances are available with us and in a few days’ time we will present the same to our bankers. You would be glad that our bankers are helping us a lot during such crisis period by accommodating us and fulfilling our requirements as per Government of India and RBI guidelines and we are sure that we would be able to cross through this crisis period strongly.

Your company has started manufacturing at Gajroula (Uttar Pradesh) and producing health products like masks, allover bodysuits, shoe covers for medical purposes (categorized as “essential goods”) and many more health products are underway to develop very soon and this has been made possible by necessary initiative and help of the local administration and Government of India, Health Ministry as well. We are diversifying in export- import trade to pick up such opportunities as they arise during such crisis period instead of sticking to and waiting for our garment business and textiles business to pick up and recover totally.

Our factory in Gajroula is likely to start very soon to produce normal products as the government is allowing as we have most of the workers inside the factory campus. Similarly, we would be able to start manufacturing activities at our Gujrat factory from 20th April, 2020 with workers staying in house campus and we have received export orders for good numbers of containers for yarn exports. Pipavav Port, Mundra Port and Kandla Ports are open to us for availability to dispatch goods.

Tamilnadu factory is likely to start very soon as soon as the government passes permission and we have sufficient number of workers residing in side the campus. The situation of Corona Virus is somehow grave in the state of Tamilnadu. The number of patients has gone up recently and therefore the local administration and the government are taking some more time to allow permissions.

You must be assured that our product policy is being changed as per the requirement of the time to diversify in to import-export business and to encash other opportunities in such period of changes which the whole world is witnessing. We wish mankind should be free from this kind of never before pandemic and everybody should stay at home to keep themselves and their family safe and those who are operating in our factories or elsewhere and corona warriors, should take necessary care as per health guidelines. Our company, managers and the management are making all possible help and arrangements to ensure that health guidelines are duly implemented in practice by our staff, by our workers and our managers, our customers, carriers, couriers and transporters.

Thank you and we would keep you updated from time to time so that you are fully aware about the status of your company.

Thank you for your co-operations.

Dr. Rikhab Chand Jain Chairman

T T Limited

Date 17.04.2020