Chairman’s Policy

Dr. Rikhab C. Jain

In one word Business Philosophy of TT Group is “FAIR BUSINESS”, – fair to all : Suppliers, buyers, Dealers, Workers ,Shareholders, Investors, Community and the Society at large.Sources for drawing inspiration in founding basic principles of T.T. Group’s business are found in Philosophies propounded by three great Saints, Philosophy and Mahatmas belonging to the Textile World : The Most reverend Spinner in the World History known to mankind till date, Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation; symbol of religious harmony and great humanist “Kabir” the weaver and the Tamil Saint, Poet and Philosopher weaver : ThiruValuvar, Thirukural the great epic book of wisdom serves us as a reference book for seeking day to day solutions of business problems. All the three guiding lights of humanity are nowhere in variance with Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism or in fact any religion.

Dr. Rikhab C. Jain(Chairman)

In dealing with people we follow Vidur and Chanakya.

In business management techniques of modern day obviously we rely on my learning as well as teaching at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta / M.I.T. Our Joint Managing Director Mr. Sanjay Jain has his sources of his studies at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Regarding the choice of Technology to be used, we do not compromise. It is always the best of the world, ” State of the Art” technology. We do quick updating and remain in tune with the latest innovations. Our source of strength in the field is renowned Textile Technologist – Dr. V. K. Kothari, currently heading Textile Dept. of world’s prestigious seat of learning, Indian Institute of Technology, (I.I.T.) Delhi.

As for consumers, we wish to deliver them more than value for their money. We are here to serve them. We are because of them. We wish them to enjoy new recipes, new delights in their satisfaction. We do not follow trends, instead we set trends, Mrs. Jyoti Jain, a National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) graduate is always at hand to deal with them liberally. All her dealers, agents and customers are more than happy with her.

Renowned Management and Finance Experts Shri Navratan Dugar and Shri V. R. Mehta are our leading rule setters in the realm of Finance & Accounting and corporate governance. In Finance, Manufacturing, Law, Corporate Governance we have a dedicated team of Executives, Engineers, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Human Engineers (HRD) to deliver fruits and achieve corporate goals.

Today Textile Industry is a “Focus Industry” in India. It is once again a Sun shine Industry. Textile Manufacturing is shifting from America & Europe to Asia-China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey etc. Timely cotton revolution in India has made India’s position unique in competitive edge in world trading of cotton and its products -Yarn, Fabric, Textiles, Knitwear Garments and Home Textiles T.T. group is essentially an only “Cotton” company. It handles Cotton, Cotton Yarn, Cotton fabrics and Cotton garments. Realising the global potential TT is already on the world Cotton scene and is ready to play world cup in Cotton. We wish to enjoy fruits of Cotton. We wish to ensure no one remains devoid of Cotton Garments and that too with assurance to satisfaction to one’s heart’s content.

Our Company’s policy is not to speculate, not to gamble, not to undertake high risk deals. Slow but steady growth is our motto. Our Company does not interfere with free play of share & securities market.