Brand History

T T LIMITED is a household name for various consumer products as well as Industrial and intermediate products and services in India and in more than 30 countries of the world. It has become a well known global brand. Brand’s mission had been to add vitality to life by meeting everyday needs of people to feel good, look good and get more out of life. Name is derived from the first textile business venture of the family of Shri Rikhab C. Jain, present and founder Chairman of T T Group started by his eldest brother Shri Bhanwar Lal Baid at Calcutta in 1947. This business firm of Tarun Textiles was started by blessings sought by founder’s mother Mata Sugani Devi (Wife of Shri Jes Raj Ji Baid of Bikaner) from Adhistat Dev Shri Madhuban Bhomia Ji Maharaj of Paras Nath Hills in Bihar (Now Jharkhand) where Twenty Tirthankaras (T.T.) of Jains got Nirvana. The family business then was named “Tarun extiles”. The business was shortly thereafter joined by second Brother Shri Jhanwar Lal Baid. The present and founder Chairman of T T Group being the youngest of three brother joined business at Calcutta in 1960. In the year 1964, when it was about to introduce new range of Underwear and Undergarments within the business run by “Tarun Textiles”. As abbreviation of “Tarun Textiles” was used as brand name. Between 1964 to 1970 huge quantities of undergarments were exported from India to Eastern Europe, mainly Czechoslovakia, Holland, Hungry, Yugoslovia and Russia.In the Year 1970 as a matter of partition amongst three brothers, name “Tarun Textiles” was detained by the eldest brother Shri Bhanwar Lal Baid and “Tarun Textiles” continue to sell Seaman, See India Brands of Knitwear. Incidentally, in these years even brand VIP was being produced and marketed by our family Tarun Textiles. In those years Hindustan Hybo, present owner and user of Brand Name VIP did not even exist at all. However, Brand name VIP was discontinued by “Tarun Textiles” even much before Hindustan Hybo launched VIP Brand of Undergarments.

The credit of coining the word T.T as abbreviation of “Tarun Textiles” for underwear Brand goes to Shri Dwarka Das Harmilapi of Twin Star Agencies, Khurshid Market, Sadar Bazar, Delhi – 6, Twin Star Agencies were booking agents of T. R. range of Products between 1964 1970. brand was also marketed by T.R. Gandhi & Co., Delhi, in certain territories along side Harmilapi’s Twinstar Agencies. Later on Twinstar Agencies dropped out of the scenario. It may not be out of place to mentioned that it was in line with “R R” Brand of underwears then very popular amongst hosiery brands. It belonged to RR Mills Bombay owned by Ram Narain Ruia family.

Family Enterprises in the name of Tirupati Textiles, T. T. Corporation and Jeewan Jyoti Nidhi were also active in Hosiery business and they have become non-operative since long. T T Finance Limited a public listed company dealing in Finance and Automobile leasing business. T. T. Properties (P) Limited, T.T. Sales & Services (P) Limited, T.T. Polyfab Limited and Gangour Investments Limited were also T.T. Group companies which subsequently merged and got amalgamated in the parent company. Gangour Investments Limited has changed hands and is now no more a member of T.T. Group Subsequent designs pertaining to T.T. Brand and adaptations there of and several associate designs have been created by Shri Kishan Kumar, Commercial Artist in Delhi. He still continues to be commissioned for such artistic works for T T Group. All of them had been honoured appropriately on the occasion of a silver jublee function held by T T Industries in the year 1995 at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi on completing its factory’s 25 years’ working in Delhi.

Design of “T.T” monogram in oval shape had been done by Shri D. M. Biswas, Commercial Artist in Central Calcutta. It was printed by M/s Printers Syndicate being owned by Shri Kali Pado Mukherjee.Delhi. All through T.T. Trade Mark Registration cases have been dealt with by Mr. A.K. Saha, (Now by Dr.A. M. Saha, Son of Shri A.K.Saha), Trade Mark Registration Bureau, Kolkata.

In the year 1990 proprietorship concern of T T Industries Shri Rikhab C. Jain being its proprietor, 28 years’ back in the year 1978. Tirupati Texknit Limited was incorporated in New Delhi and a knitted fabric manufacturing factory was started by the Company at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. This brought T.T. Fabric Market on a larger scale than hereto before. Almost all Garment exporters from Delhi have been using T.T. Fabric since 1970 itself.

Since 1980 onwards T T Brand has been utilized and exploited by various manufacturing units located at various locations such as Varansi, Kolkata, Tirupur, Delhi, Bikaner, Gujarat, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Shahranpur, Allahabad, Muzaffarnagar, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Vijaywada and so on.

In the year 1990, the company Tirupati Texknit Limited entered into a franchise agreement with Shri Rikhab C. Jain as proprietor, T T Industries for exploiting the brand name T T globally. The company made a public issue for Rs. 3 crore in the year 1990 which was over subscribed by about eight times. This was the first ever public issue in India by small scale Hosiery-manufacturing company. Surplus of over subscription in public issue equity subscription to the extent of 15% was retained as per rules their prevailing and a new milestone of the company was laid by establishing a spinning mill at Gajroula, Uttar Pradesh. The money was utilized for purchasing land and even to extend advance to M/s Laxmi Machinery Works Limited. To Fund the spinning activity at Gajroula and Avinashi. A Right Issue was made by the Company in the year 1994. With Commissioning up of the spinning mill Trade mark begun to be used for Yarn of all types as well. In August 1994 due to general restriction on export of yarn from India, spinning units of the company were converted in to 100% E.O.U.
and thus started world wide marketing of yarn. T.T. Yarn sells anywhere in the world.

In the year 2003, export of cotton from India was started. T T Group pioneered cotton exports from India and as such the brand T T started being used for Cotton fibre and cotton seeds as well.

The Company is exporting Cotton, Fabric, Cotton Yarn and Cotton Undergarments to more than 30 countries and many of these country flags do appear on our Trade mark for yarn. T T Industries owns T T brand and various Copy Rights and Trade mark Registrations. The details are presented in Appendix 1 and 3 respectively.

The trade mark T T has also been registered in several Overseas Countries. Many more overseas registrations are in the pipeline. This is presently registered mainly in the neighbourhood countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka. The details are present in Appendix 2. Some other overseas application are pending for Registration.

T T Industries has meanwhile got some Registrations and under process of Registration as Trade Mark for all types of goods and services under the Trade Mark Act. This has been done, keeping in mind aspirations for future growth for T T Brand in several segments and avoid possible brand conflicts. It is also in the interest of brand loyalists as well. They should not get confused or deceived by other businessmen and firms wrongly using “T.T.” as Brand for their wares & products.

T. T. Brand is continuously taking action against imitators and infringers for bypassing and for safeguarding deserving consumers and customers. Several Cases have been filed and convicts convicted and penalties paid by such convicted persons. Penalties in some case have included imprisonments. Whenever any Company / Firm / Person is trying to use any design / mark deceptively, similar to “T. T” Trade mark and or other Registrations, we initiate opposition and legal action against such offenders and seek justice as per law. Sometimes, our Registration applications are pending and this gets opposed by third parties. Many Such cases have been successfully decided in favour of T T Brand.

T T Brand is being protected from imitators and deceptive traders. Record and evidences are being maintained in a systematic manner to take up action against any offender to T.T.’s intellectual properties. Periodically Trade Mark Trade Notices and warnings are being published in Newspapers and Trade Journals. This helps to reduce offenders and imitators. Crores of rupees have been spent over the years for promoting and popularising T T Brand. These expenses are being incurred on publicity through all types of medias such as newspapers, press, TV, Radio, Outdoor Publicities, Organising events, Sales promotions, Ad., Material distribution.

Popularity of T T Brand / logo and design of its mascots, even its headlines are well recognized so much so that even oval design shape made without letters “T. T” will easily be identified as belonging to T T Brand. Even mascots without appending the name T.T., will easily be identified and recalled by consumers as belonging to T T Brand. This images is registered in the mind of millions of Consumers by consistent use for more than 43 years of brand’s existence (since 1964) and 60 years of existence of family business.

It is this close and instant identification & recall by consumer Brand T T and its logo, mascots and headlines, contribute immense value to well known popular brand “T.T.” With escalating Turnover (Exceeding Rs.620 Crores presently) and wide spread use of Brand for various type of textiles and even non textile products, the Brand value and Brand Equity of T T Brand will continue to look up in the years to come.

Over the years T.T. Mascots have become very very intimate with Millions of people. Victory pose boy in Banian Underwear had been conceived by Mr. Aung Pal in 1974.

In the year 2003-04 two different Family photoframe was selected as Mascots for summer wear and winter wear. This had been created by Fortune Advertising Mr. Mittal

Shri Jivan Baksh Ahuja of J. B. Art Studio have since 1965 created designs and produced hundreds of neon signs, glow signs, Bill Boards and Banners of T.T. Brand.

Brands consumers will prefer in future will be those with a positive social, economic and environmental impact on the communities in which they operate. We believe that business success will be materially impacted by how well its brand integrate a socioeconomic agenda into its innovation and development strategies and into its relationships with consumers. The simple truth is that in the long run you cannot have a thriving business in a failing society. It is this recognition which will help drive actions that will contribute to India’s and the developing world’s sustained and equitable growth. T. T. will strive to remain at the forefront of these social changes.