Only T.T. gives you complete confidence to carry your garments to demanding international markets. Reason? Unprocessed greige fabrics from T.T. are knitted from the finest quality yarnw hich is supercombed,autoconed and electronically cleared at one of the finest plants in the country. T.T. makes this yarn itself to ensure that the fabric wear a flawless appearance over continuous lengths. The fabric is knitted from the latest Mayer & Cie machines at our completely conditioned unit. In fact, every roll of greige fabric is tested against strict international parameters. For instance, the fabric must stretch to the limit and yet regain its original shape. It must absorb dyes easily and uniformly and shrinkage has to be minimal. The best part of it, T.T. brings these quality checks to all its fabrics. Be it Single Jersy,Interlock,Peekay or German Rib and others of course,all this wouldn’t amount to much without T.T’s assurance of timely delivery. Which goes a long way in enforcing your reliability in the world market. No wonder then, that garment exporters from all over the country insist on T.T. After all these 2 simple initials spell strong assurances TIME-TESTED.

“Choice of garment manufacturers world wide”

T.T. Knitted fabric are knitted from the finest quality yarn especially chosen for its shine and lustre. Knitted on world’s best knitting machines i.e Mayer and CIE from Germany. The Knitting complex is located adjacent to the 2 spinning mills in Gajroula, UP.

Quality control measures are taken at each step to ensure smoothness of yarn, evenness, minimal shrinkage and flawless appearance over continuous lengths. A wide choice of colours and designs and fabric viz Single jersey, Interlock, Rib, Fleece, Jacquard etc.

TT Fabrics are the first choice for garment manufacturers and TT the most trusted name among the top manufacturing houses in Europe, America and Japan.


Before using yarn on knitting Machines, it is properly conditioned and checked.

  • Knitting is being carried out under controlled conditions and machines are kept in individual cabin to avoid fly, fluff and contaminations.
  • 100% fabric are checked for any type of fabric defect.
  • The 4-point system i.e. American point grading system for determining the fabric quality is used.
  • Flawless appearance without any holes.
  • No spirality.
  • Extra strechability and durability.
  • Better dyeing absorbance after processing.
  • Pilling resistance, 3-4.
  • Uniform dyeing.

We ensure….

  • Smoothness of Fabric
  • Evenness of texture
  • Stretchability
  • Dye absorbency
  • Minimal shrinkage