T T Limited manufactures high quality 100% cotton fabric – single jersey interlock, rib 1x1and rib 2×2. The finest quality cotton yarn available is chosen specially for shine and luster.

Fabric Structure Count Quality Basic Price BasicPrice Med Dyed Basic Price Dark Dyed
1 Sinker Jersy – Peekay
Honey Comb Fabrics
2 Sinker Jersy / Peekay
Honey Comb Fabrics
3 Interlock / RIB / 1X1:1
RIB 2X1:1, 2X2:1 Four Track
4 SinkerJersy / Peekay
Honey Comb Fabrics
5 Interlock / RIB / 1X1:1
RIB 2X1:1 Four Track
Knitted Fabrics
6 Sinker Jersy Super
Honey Comb / Peekay
7 Interlock RIB 1X1:1
2X1:1 2X2:2 D/N FABRICS
Four Track Structure
8 Sinker Jersy Peekay
Honey Comb Fabrics
9 Interlock RIB 1X1:1
2X1:1 2X2:1 Structure
Four Track FAB


  • Fabric is sold on the basis of machine diameter hence ready width on roll would vary due to knitting structure, intensity and fabric properties.
  • Rates prevailing at the time of delivery would be charged.
  • For special design fabric , dyed, mercerized, stonewashed fabric, please ask for quotations.
  • Fabric after processing would not be accepted back under any circumstances.
  • 50S, 60S, 70S, 80S Fabric also available on order.
  • All payments by cheque/Draft before delivery strictly.


Immediate payment only pay order A/C payee draft acceptable,in case LC is opened interest & bank charges on buyers A/C. Please do not make any cash payment.Any customer doing so would do on his own risk.Over due bills interest @ 30% from the date of bill.


Please check all import specification and details regarding yarn count, texture, diameter shrinkage etc.While placing orders to avoid mistakes and confusion consultation and queries welcome.