T T LIMITED’s raw cotton fibre is ginned in TMC (Technology Mission of Cotton) approved factories to ensure better uniformity, controlled contamination and quality grade fibre.



  • Kapas is hand picked, fibre is not damaged.
  • Employ selectors in various cotton stations for kapas (seed cotton) buying.
  • Kapas is checked by visual graders, hand classers and tested by electronic machines in lab to determine post ginning fibre attributes.
  • Moisture is controlled at every stage.
  • Ginning is done in “TMC” approved factories.
  • Various measures are taken to avoid contamination.
    • Only cloth brooms are used for cleaning.
    • Kapas and final cotton is kept on cemented floor and not on mud / dust.
    • Human handling is minimised during ginning.
    • Workers tie their hair with cloth to avoid hair strands.
    • Bales are packed in cotton cloth-no plastic or jute material is used.
    • Workers remove visible contaminants by handpicking.
    • Have an in-house state of the art laboratory completed equipped with all types of machinery for grading and testing of cotton. It has a complete uster HVI spectrum equipment & trash analyser.