Soya Bean is the preferred oilseed after groundnuts of which India is the largest producer. Around 3-5 million tons of soya meal is produced in India annually. Soya bean production requires right weather and temperatures. The animal feed sector accounts for the highest demand of a whopping 98%. Pests, diseases and epidemics affecting the cattle and poultry have an unfavourable effect on the price of Soya. The prices of maize, jowar and bajra are the other determinants of the price of the soya meal products.

Specification of Soyabean Meal or DOC (SBM)


Basic Grade

Premium Grade

Hy – Pro Grade
Protein 44-46% Min. 48% Min 50% Min.
Sand & Silica 2.5% Max. 1.5% Max. 5% Max.
Moisture 11% Max. 11% Max. 11% Max
Fiber 5% Max. 5% Max. 4% Max
Urease Activity (MgN/G/Min. At 30 Degree C by EEC Method) 12 Units 10 Units 10% Max
Origin MP / MH MP / MH MP / MH
Packing 50 Kg. PP Bags / Bulk 50 Kg PP Bags / Bulk 50 Kg PP Bags / Bulk


Packing Available

50kgs in HDPE/Jute Bags – Loose in Containers – Bulk in Vessel