Specification of Neutralized Castor Oil (N.C.O.)

Parameters Specifications
Appearance Pale Yellow, Viscous, Clear Liquid Free of Suspended Matter
Moisture (K.F.) 0.25% Max.
F.F.A. (as oleic) 0.35% Max.
Acid Value 0.70% Max.
Iodine Value (Wijs) 82-90
Saponification Value 177-185
Hydroxyl Value 160-168
Unsaponifiable Matter 0.70% Max
Colour on Lovibond in 5.25″ cell Y-15 Max. R- 1.5 Max.

Packing Details

In Flexi Tank: 21-22 MT (1*20 Ft Container)
In Drums : 16 MT (1*20 Ft Container)
In Bulk Quantity 500-5000 MT