Business Philosophy

  1. Management’s job is not only to manage company profitably but to ensure its steady growth as well.
  2. Quick decision making, speedy implementation, harmonized, teamwork, deliver success.
  3. Our objective is to serve customers to their satisfaction. We strive to enable them taste new delights in quality and service. We make them break their own parameters of satisfaction.
  4. Investors are the owners of the Company. Safeguarding their interest in the prime duty of the Management.
  5. What is the best today, will not be so tomorrow and will be definitely rejected day after. Hence continuous quality upgradation can only retain customers.
  6. Let none be harmed by our dealings with them. We need not make money out of their weaknesses. Instead let buyer and seller both mutually help each other make profit.
  7. Knowledge input is the best quotient of profit. For future growth, knowledge sourcing and knowledge Management is the first requirement.
  8. Ways of the world never remain the same. Keep changing and you never live out.
  9. Wisdom attracts money, lack of it may cause loss of money.
  10. Indians have now realized their potentials in the global scenario. Every crown there is for them, but only if they try.
  11. India traditionally ranks first in the world of nations in respect of the wealth of knowledge. Putting this wealth into action will certainly yield rich monetary rewards as well.
  12. We do not compete, we try to co-exist. Co-operation is our motto.
  13. Big fish eats up small fishes and yet the ocean is always full of small fishes.
  14. No one can drink all the water of seven oceans, so none can monopolize forever.
  15. Purity of means is more important than the ends. Come what may, great souls will never pick up means not ordained by ethics, morality and one’s religion.
  16. You earn money, you may loose it anytime, but if you tend to earn goodwill and integrity, money will never leave you.

Dr. Rikhab C. Jain